Home Apple Iphone Cases OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4 (White and Black, Fits AT&T iPhone)

OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4 (White and Black, Fits AT&T iPhone)

OtterBox Defender Case for Apple iphone four (White and Black, Fits AT&T Iphone)

OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4 (White and Black, Fits AT&T iPhone)

  • 3-levels of security
  • Access to all buttons & characteristics
  • Includes ratcheting belt-clip holster
  • White & Black

Your Iphone four has grow to be a big part of your daily life. With FaceTime movie, retina show, multitasking, Hd online video recording and a lot more-you’ve acquired a good deal to drop. You won’t discover a tougher situation than the OtterBox Defender Collection for Apple iphone four. Relax, we’ve obtained the Apple iphone four protected.

Record Price tag: $ 49.95


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2 Responses

    632 of 641 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Awesome case, but does add considerable bulk…, July 25, 2010
    C. WILLIAMS (Alabama) –

    I waited anxiously for Otterbox to release this case and ordered mine within minutes of receiving the “Defender Released” e-mail. I received the case on Friday and I must admit, it did not disappoint.

    First impressions: The case is of great quality and a lot of detail went into making it compatible with all the OEM “accessories”. The holster is among the best I’ve seen for a phone of this size and works perfectly with the case.

    After carrying it for two days (and this is already my 3rd iPhone 4 case – I am rough on my phones): The case is without a doubt the most durable I’ve seen for the iPhone 4 and lives up to the reputation that Otterbox has built over the years.

    Cons: The case does add considerable bulk to the phone and may not be perfect for pocket carriers. It does include a holster which works great and can rotate for vertical or parallel carrying of the phone.

    Miscellaneous: I have no complaints really, but I am left to wonder if the silicone “flaps” that cover the earphone and USB plug-ins could have been a little more user-friendly. Sometimes they are frustrating to get back into their proper “closed” position.

    Edited one month after using: I am still extremely happy with the case. I have dropped my phones a few times already and though the case is starting to show signs the abuse I have provided it the phone still looks pristine! I opened up the case this morning to clean the phone etc and to my surprise there wasn’t much to clean. With cases I’ve owned in the past I would have a forest of lint, dust etc. that would trap itself between the case and the phone. The Otterbox has minimized that debris!

    I am uploading several photos showing the difference between a “bare” iPhone 4 and an iPhone 4 in the Defender case so everyone can get an idea of how much “protection” and in turn “bulk” this case adds to the phone.

    Edited to add: Amazon removed my pictures when the placed the phone back in a “pre-order” status, I will re-upload them again once they allow. I’m not sure why they state “pre-order” when it should state “Back-ordered, will deliver in xx to xx weeks”, but I digress.

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  2. Diana De Avila "MS Gkygrl"
    206 of 215 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Beauty and Protection in one Package. An improvement on earlier designs of the Defender, July 24, 2010
    Diana De Avila “MS Gkygrl” (Malta, NY USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    I received my Otterbox Defender for my iPhone 4 and have been testing it in order to write this review. I used the Otterbox Defender for my iPhone 3G and loved it. It provided the kind of protection that I needed for my phone since I was kind of rough on them. But with the earlier Defender case, I found some issues related to the screen and some of the port covers (mainly the charger port). This new case resolves them all. I’m happy that the Otterbox company listened and responded with this new design. It’s beautiful, functional, practical — and for all of the protection it provides from lumps and bumps, it is well worth any extra bulk that you may perceive.

    For the 3-layered protection that the Otterbox Defender provides for the new iPhone 4, one would expect a lot more bulk. Not so, it’s one of the beautiful things about these cases. Each layer fits perfectly on top of the other one. The silicone is engineered to hug every bevel on the plastic inner case. Both layers give complete access to all of the new button and camera configurations. So well engineered that you can tell the case was made with thought and complete precision. You may see knock-offs (as I have), but the real deal is worth the money.

    There are a couple of things I noticed comparing this new Defender to the former 3G / 3GS Defender case:

    - the screen protector seems to have been fixed so that the “oil bubbles” won’t appear. I had the bubbles right out of the box for the former version. Seems like they fixed something or changed a material or coating. I’ll update if anything to the contrary happens. No fingerprints on the screen cover either! How do they do that?

    - the holster (which I never really use, honestly) makes getting the phone in and out of it a snap (literally). The holster is good because it doubles as a dock or easel to watch videos, etc. This new design clips in from the side and can snap in facing front or back with no qualms. No hard fussing with this one.

    - the iPhone and case fit easily in a pocket or purse and don’t add extra bulk (not like you would imagine). The silicone is made in such a way where it is not the sticky kind of silicone (the cheaper stuff that smells and has a gripping quality to it). This has no odor and easily slips out of a pocket (I saw a comment on the other review so I thought I would answer it).

    - the port for the charger on the new Otterbox Defender can now accommodate non-OEM chargers with wider connectors (the older one could not). This was a hassle with non-OEM car chargers. This is no longer a problem. FIXED.

    - One potential issue is although I like the patterned back (little etched diamonds), I imagine that these could be a harbinger of dust or dirt. It’s easily cleaned though (just wipe it with a cloth or on your shirt sleeve). Time will have to tell on this design decision.

    I’m a fan of the Otterbox and bought one originally because of sheer clumsiness. For an expensive device like an iPhone, it’s worth the protection. I was initially intimidated from the case thinking it was going to be far too clunky. Not so. Like the iPhone 4 the Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 case shares the same aesthetic lines. If you have never owned a case like this before, installing the iPhone into it might take one look at directions. If you’ve used them before, it’s the same type of clamshell/snap and silicone slip-on design.

    It’s a tough little case in a nice looking package. I truly appreciate the precise engineering that goes into the creation of Otterbox products, this company does what they do very well!

    5 stars!

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