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Q&A: Screen protector for iPhone?

Concern by William: Display protector for Iphone?
Hello. I not too long ago purchased an Iphone 4S. I am extremely protective of my mobile phone and have purchased above 5 display protectors. However, anytime I try placing it on, I constantly mess up. I can maintain attempting myself but I get anxiousness whilst undertaking it. Can I bring it to a Verizon keep to do it? In other phrases, can a employee from Verizon do it for me given that they need to be a lot more experienced in carrying out it? Thanks.

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Solution by Geri P
I know what you mean… I could never ever do individuals on my very own simply because I normally have shaky hands lol You can go to 1 of these shopping mall booths the place they cell mobile phone add-ons. It may be a little pricey even though, based if they make you acquire the screen protector at their booth.

What I did as an alternative of utilizing the display screen protector when I had the Iphone was the TPU situation which labored genuinely effectively for me simply because I am so clumsy. I adore the TPU circumstance that encloses the entire mobile phone since when you drop it, it guards all corners and of system, the screen because the TPU content is a great shock absorber. I acquired mine online simply because they are grime-cheap (much less than $ fifteen), in comparison to those $ fifty circumstances you get at the shop that break when you drop the cellphone. You just have to read through the reviews completely to make certain they in shape your phone’s holes properly. Occasionally the actually low-cost ones are not manufactured correctly to match the holes which is genuinely annoying.

I received the Belkin Vital 050 TPU scenario (manufactured for the Iphone 4S) and it in shape properly. I am now converted to Android (Samsung S3) but I even now trapped to TPU circumstances. That way you don’t want to go by means of the trouble of the monitor protector (which is a soreness in the butt). Check out how it seems to see if you like it:

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