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What case should i get for my iPhone 5?

Published on March 5, 2013 by in Case Mate

Query by trevman1213: What circumstance ought to i get for my Iphone five?
I want one thing slim but protective. I never want just a minor scenario with like practically nothing on it like the “barely there” scenario by case mate. I’ve been looking at the Otterbox Commuter situation, but have read that it nonetheless feels bulky. I want anything that is durable that will previous for 2 many years, appears excellent, and shields my mobile phone but is not very thick. Also what kind of display screen protector would you advise?

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Reply by anand t
Otterbox is very best. It truly is little bit high-priced however.

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  1. Asha

    I have a Speck case thats on the line of bulky but has this cool trim around the edges so that if I drop it the screen never touchs the ground. You can look for something like that but I doubt there are a lot of cases that are protective but thin.

  2. Susan

    otterbox defender. its the best and strongest case they have. and with the otterbox defender , you won’t need a screen protector, because the otterbox defender case has 3 levels of protection, the highest level of protection you can find for your iphone 5.
    1. inner level integrity protection
    2. middle level with screen protection
    3. outer level with impact shock protection

    i don’t work for otterbox or anything. i am just a big fan of their products

  3. Jacob

    Here’s a great compromise for what you’re looking for: get a Sinomi TechSkin screen protector (it fits on the front & back, and is made out of military-grade material) and double it up with one of the seriously good looking and high quality iPhone 5 cases here:

    Hope this helps, and enjoy your new iPhone! I’ve been shopping around to get one this Christmas :)

  4. Kitty

    How about a leather wallet-type case? They look great and protect both the back and front of your iPhone. Here are some nice ones: