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What should I get, the Droid Razr or the iPhone 4?

Question by Taylor: What need to I get, the Droid Razr or the Iphone four?
I have a mac pc, so it makes me want to just stick with apple and get an Apple iphone, but the Droids seem to be actually great! Any experience with these telephones?

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Response by Angry Sailor 302
The Razr has a big screen and has the ability to keep stuff on micro SD cards, which all iPhones deficiency.

Neither Android or the Apple iphone are “better” than the other at almost everything, both have their own execs and negatives.
I personally have a Motorola Droid 2 World-wide, but I have marketed cell phones for the last year and a 50 percent, and I have a bit of knowledge with the two Android and Iphone, as properly as Blackberry.

Android Execs:
Range of phone types at a range of cost details and layouts
SD Card slots in most models
Some designs have physical keyboards
There are some rugged Android phones (the Casio Commando is a very good case in point)
Most versions support Flash.
The procedure of numerous versions of Android are pretty similar.

Android Disadvantages:
No standardized revision
Some designs never get functioning method updates soon after six months on the market
The lower end designs are mostly garbage (like the LG Ally, LG Optimus, and everything by Pantech)
Fewer (if any) custom made add-ons for each and every mobile phone design
Open program is much more vulnerable to outdoors assault
No prepared interface with iTunes

Apple iphone Pros:
Crisp Display
iTunes interface (you can use the Apple iphone as an iPod)
Excellent sounding speakers (for an product this dimensions)
Greater User Interface
Closed technique lends a bit much better method balance and safety (in principle)

Apple iphone Cons:
Little display
No bodily keyboard
Effortlessly Broken (compared to other modern day phones)
High Price
Usually stolen
Also is acknowledged as a “cult” object.
Regularly does not stay up to the commercials
In excess of-hyped.

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