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would you recommend buying the nokia n8?

Issue by J: would you advise acquiring the nokia n8?
would you suggest acquiring the nokia n8? it is avaliable on t-mobile 24 month contract for £27 a month with three hundred minutes and texts totally free is that a excellent deal? furthermore how is the tunes participant and can you import your music from itunes on to it? would it be really worth getting the far more high-priced htc desire or iphone 4?

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Solution by dems
That deal seams very good as extended as the telephone is cost-free. my father has an n8 and have the Apple iphone 4. the audio participant on the n8 is extremely regular it basically are not able to compete with the Apple iphone simply because the seem quality on the Apple iphone is amazing and the songs on iTunes is excellent top quality,

Both phones can be digital digital camera replacements i.e. you use them as your main camera. the n8 digital camera is allitle far better when you see the photographs on a laptop but it is overrated.

the screens on both telephones are very good but i favor the Iphone 4′s it feels far better and the monitor is sharper, has much better viewing angles and in daylight is clearer. the n8 does nevertheless have a hdmi to hook up to a Television but you can also connect an Iphone to a Tv.

in conditions of usability the Apple iphone is significantly simple iOs is extremely intuitive and very straightforward to use it is also really rapidly.

the seems are one thing for you to determine depends on what phone search you desire but the n8 is quite bulky in contrast to the Apple iphone. the Iphone also looks to have a wider range of add-ons there are instances such as otter box which offer you excessive security.

on the Iphone a recent update has made the ‘find my iPhone’ characteristic totally free basically what this does is observe the telephone. say it will get stolen on your computer you can identify the telephone, lock it, wipe the memory, perform a loud sound on it ( which could be helpful if you lose it) or deliver messages to it. i have experienced a seem at the applications on equally phones and once more the n8 cant compete with the iPhone’s application the builders gave up after the failure of ngage.

sorry but i dont know that a lot on the htc so i cant advise you on that but htc is effectively well worth a appear.

all round i believe the Apple iphone is a lot far better than the n8 and there is some pretty awesome stuff coming up in the updates on the Apple iphone. however in the conclude its all about what you consider following all it is heading to be your phone so go to the Apple retailer and try out the Apple iphone 4 and do the identical with the n8. consider each phones and see what you desire.

very good luck in deciding on your cellphone

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  1. Lachie

    if i were you i would wait. the newer version, called the n9 is supposed to come out soon and has a slide out keyboard. the n8 is a really good phone, i have it, but i would have waited if i knew. do your research