Home Great Iphone Accessories Any suggestions for good inexpensive portable speakers for use of both ipod and iphone?

Any suggestions for good inexpensive portable speakers for use of both ipod and iphone?

Concern by Tizzy: Any tips for good inexpensive transportable speakers for use of each ipod and iphone?
I am acquiring a present for an individual that owns both an ipod and iphone. I am seeking for moveable speakers that he could consider to the seaside or keep in his area. I am hunting for one thing that is $ 40 or much less and that is of good quality. Please give me any recommendations. Thank you!

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Answer by wolverine4life
This generally would seem variety of unrealistic. Portable speakers below $ 40 are not actually out there on the market place, and the ones that are audio fairly bad. The speakers that I know of that cost $ forty or much less are ones you plug in, i.e. they are not truly portable. He could use them his place just good. Most speakers for iPods and iPhones value much more than $ forty and are typically docking stations.

If he could deal with just speakers in his space, he need to check out out LabTec speakers. Other than that, all I can say is look for some tiny battery-operated speakers that can be plugged into the headphone jack of an mp3 participant.

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  1. Carl Berkeley

    I disagree that you cannot find portable audio speakers for under or around $ 40. With the competition among iPhone and iPod accessory manufacturers there are a lot of options out there. I have tried several brands and never been totally happy with the sound quality. I have a Sony speaker set that never quite did it for me. Recently I tried out the iHM7BC portable multimedia speaker by iHome. I have a iHome clock radio audio system for my iPod and have gone through a couple of clock radios till I found this one. I should have tried the iHome portable speaker system for the start. The iHM7BC delivers surprising big sound from such a small size ( 2″ W x 2″ H x 2″ D ) and low price point, only $ 19.99. Features include a vacuum bass design for surprising volume and bass response, long lasting built-in li-ion rechargeable battery, USB charging, and protective carrying case. Great deal for the price!