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What do I do if I got water in the back of my phone and now the battery is messed up?

Published on April 7, 2013 by in I Phone 4 Covers

Query by yeah!: What do I do if I received h2o in the again of my mobile phone and now the battery is messed up?
Water acquired in the back again of my cellphone and it functions if it is on the charger and claims my battery is complete. But, when I unplug it, it will not change on. I have tried out drying it with a hair dyer and leaving it in rice for a pair of hrs.

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Reply by DEM DARN Deals
If it works excellent although on the charger and NO other problems at all then I would change the battery.Truly I would discontinue using the mobile phone right up until I changed the battery.If it will not change on AT ALL any more then you are doomed.After that not even a new battery will work.Continue to dry it out til you substitute the battery.Excellent luck!

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  1. Linda Martin

    Hope these steps will be helpful for you:
    Immediately remove the battery and the SIM card from the phone. Place all three pieces (SIM Card, battery and phone) in a bag or bowl or uncooked white rice. Be sure that all three pieces are fully covered by the rice. The rice will gently draw all of the moisture out of the pieces.

    Leave all three pieces in the bag or bowl for at least 48 hours (rice, while effective, also needs at least this much time to work.)

    After 2 days take pieces out and closely inspect to ensure that you do not see any more moisture.

    Reassemble your phone and turn it on. Hopefully your cell phone should start right up.