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Q&A: Why is my new mophie Iphone 3g case making a “buzzing” sound?

Question by : Why is my new mophie Iphone 3g case producing a “buzzing” tone?
I just acquired a new mophie rechargeable iphone 3g case from a vendor on ebay. It came brand new in the box. I placed my iphone in it, and every thing labored great right up until i started out listening to a quite frustrating buzzing audio coming from the circumstance. I was questioning why this is taking place, and if there is a remedy?

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Solution by johnny
lol , its buzzing due to the fact its from China. A majority of their consumer electronics have this situation (that is y its cheaper). If you acquired it for inexpensive, then you’ll have to get it preset. If it has manufacturer’s guarantee, try to go for it. But most likely they’ll tell you its not the genuine thing so the guarantee won’t protect it.

If you paid out complete price tag for it. Speak to the seller appropriate away and permit him know. If he is not willing to make it correct. File a “Item NOT AS Described” state. He’ll either refund you right away, or ebay/paypal will reimburse you.

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