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What is the best iPhone 3G hard case with the best protection but has a simple design?

Published on July 25, 2012 by in Iphone 3g Case

Issue by lingo1244: What is the very best iPhone 3G challenging circumstance with the greatest security but has a simple design?
I am searching for an iPhone 3G case. I want it to be a hardcase with as considerably shock defense as feasible, in situation I shed it. I never want there to be a cover created into the situation for the display because I prefer getting just a film on it. Also, I would like the case to safeguard the buttons and the monitor as considerably as feasible. Also, I am hunting for a case that is basic. I hate extravagant circumstances. Thanks.

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Response by Verizon consumer
I have the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD and love it. It is clear, definately basic since it is just a film guarding the total point. It is created with millitary grade substance. It also adds grip to it. Look at the website video’s and choose if you like it. It’s protected my iPhone excellent so far.

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  1. OhWOW

    I love the iSkin products. The iSkin Fuze has a “shock and impact protection.” Plain colors black, white or red. I have this one and the Revo, but the Revo has a cover on it and you have to take that off to use the phone.

    Otterbox 3g cases are really durable. Made to withstand falls. My boyfriend got this instead of the iSkin and likes this better (he works in construction).

    Zagg is cool because you will get absolutely no scratches, but does not have any shock or impact protection, it is just a film cover, no case.