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Can the glass of the iPhone 4 crack with bumper case and invisibleSHIELD on together?

Published on March 26, 2013 by in Iphone 4 Bumper
iphone 4 bumper
by xsix

Question by Kelly N: Can the glass of the Apple iphone 4 crack with bumper situation and invisibleSHIELD on together?
I’ve been seeking at drop checks, plenty of them and looks like the Apple iphone 4 glass cracks or breaks when dropped a few instances. If I had an invisibleSHIELD display protector would it protect the Iphone 4 glass when dropped a few occasions.

If it doesnt protect from breaking, what is a resolution like insurance policies? Which to acquire to resolve it? Many thanks.

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Answer by Blake S
a bumper case will safeguard it from dropping. as extended as the real glass doesnt hit the floor you will be good.

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  1. Talven Taurog

    Will it protect it from breaking is a subjective question. It depends on how the iPhone lands (face, back, or side) and what type of surface it lands on (smooth, rough, pointy).

    Any phone will break when dropped in the right way, the more screen or glass-like surface area the more careful you have to be with your device.

    Personally I use a DLO rubber case and an invisibleSHIELD. A rubberized case will prevent low-altitutde breakage but only in the areas that it covers, the screen is still vulnerable. That being said an invisibleSHIELD protects from scratches and provides very little to none for breakage.

    I had a 3G for 2 years, dropped it several times and the rubberized case protected it. But if you are that drop-prone with your phones I would recommend getting a tether or tethered case.