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How good does the iphone 4 work?

Question by Cheyanne: How excellent does the apple iphone four work?
I’ve listened to from some folks it sucks ! But I have also heard its really awesome. How very good does it function does it operate quick ? And does the iphone 4 NOT the Iphone 4s just the apple iphone four does it have flash for the digicam?

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Reply by Nick
It’s great if it truly is the only point in your budget, but I would recommend saving a small and buying an Iphone five. Huge variation

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  1. Lilly S

    I have the iPhone 4 and I like it! I don’t have Internet but like any other phone, it’s the same speed for Internet. The only thing is the battery. I can’t stand it. Couple hours of use and I have to run to the charger. Look up the pros and cons of it online. Will help. (: hope I did!

  2. Diana B

    Try going to Verizon’s wireless site. User reviews are posted there.

  3. ScσττRΛSC³

    I’ve owned an iPhone 4 & had no complaints in that time. Great camera (yes with flash), good battery life, great apps, updated OS, great build, etc.