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Does the iphone and ipod touch use the same cover case?

Question by ashlee: Does the apple iphone and ipod contact use the identical cover situation?
i have new ipod with the digicam asking yourself if i purchased an iphone cover circumstance if itd in shape my ipod??TY

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Solution by Steph
No becuse the iPod is smaller sized, and the Apple iphone is a little bit taller.

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  1. korean_lim

    The new iPod is tiny. ( I HAVE ONE TOO!! :) ) and the iPhone is bigger. I think that’s what the last person said. Answer mine??;_ylt=Aq.P7VRYDc5UZ3JmpN80oSgM_dw4;_ylv=3?qid=20110213181650AAL0o3y

  2. P S

    That’s like asking if the iPod Nano 4th gen and the ipod nano 1st gen have the same case. They do not. =/ What gave you the idea that they had the same case, man? The iPod Touch is physically different from the iPhone 1 2 3 3gS and 4. =/

  3. ScσττRΛSC³

    Nope. The iPhone & iPod touch were never dimensionally equal & its the case for the new one as well. The iPod touch 4G is the thinnest iPod touch to date. No iPhone 4 case would work with it.

  4. Beatleslove Shaw

    I don’t think so, the dimension is different:
    iPhone 4:
    115.2 mm (4.54 in) (h)
    58.66 mm (2.309 in) (w)
    9.3 mm (0.37 in) (d)”
    iPod touch 4: 110 × 58 × 7.1 mm (4.4 × 2.3 × 0.28 in)
    And now the case designers consider styles, materials and dimensions ect, many factors, so the specific case is better.