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Which free iphone 4 case should I chose?

Concern by Taylor: Which totally free iphone 4 situation must I selected?
As you know apple is offering absent free apple iphone four circumstances and bumper. I are unable to determine which is the greatest case(or bumper) is value getting. I will not like hard situations, but the bumper does not appears like the very best protection.

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Answer by Jie Chou
I suggest you chose which have great bumer.

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  1. Win

    You can choose some soft case to protect your iphone4. I think this site is good.It sells many kinds of cases.You can try it.

  2. jared

    I’d suggest getting anything available from Speck. Speck makes cases of EXTREMELY good quality. :) and i know they’re offering at least one from speck. i personally have used speck cases for numerous different types of phones including the iphone and they were all AMAZING. :)