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Can I use and iPhone 4 otterbox silicone on an iPhone 4s hard inner shell?

Issue by Dazed: Can I use and Iphone 4 otterbox silicone on an Iphone 4s challenging interior shell?
I have an Iphone 4s and the blue otterbox for Iphone 4s, but I want a purple silicone otter element for it as an alternative of a navy a single. If I get an Iphone 4 otterbox will it in shape the 4s part? The only difference I can see is the digital camera condition, but I can constantly trim the silicone. Thank you!

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Answer by Jesse
However, no you can not. This is because with the updated Apple iphone 4S scenario, otter box made a number of enhancements. These incorporate (as you pointed out) the digital camera gap becoming bigger to eliminate troubles with the flash, as properly as combining the three holes for the entrance experiencing camera, speaker, and ambient sensor, all into a single hole on the scenario.

Although the silicone might match inside the 4S interior shell, it will be less than excellent, and will not in shape appropriately. This being very loose and not safe to provide the intended protection of the case. Even in the celebration that the situation does fit, I extremely do not suggest it as it will trigger you to get rid of the operation of the gentle sensor, and also cause the digital camera to be affected with shadow and other negative outcomes do to the small flash gap.

Appreciate your Iphone 4S (I really like mine!)

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