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How do I get PDF files to my Iphone 4G?

Published on March 11, 2013 by in Iphone 4g Case

Question by i dont know: How do I get PDF data files to my Apple iphone 4G?
New Apple iphone 4G owner here and a bit confused.

I have protocols for my task ( EMT on ambulance ) that I would like to place on my Apple iphone 4G so I can entry them with no carrying my protocol e-book all around in my pocket.

The file is an Adobe Acrobat file 20.1mb and I would really like to get it on there somehow.

Any ideas?
Alright I figured it out, I employed, it is an online deal that allows you e-mail greater things just by location up an account. I may well never ever use it again lol but it labored.

I sent it to my e-mail and clicked on the website link on my telephone which let me check out it online, there was a link at the leading of the web page that said ” open up in ibooks ” I clicked on that and it saved it as a PDF to my iBooks on my phone.

IT Functions Fantastic and I hope it assists anyone else getting the exact same concern.

Ideal reply:

Solution by alex glow
Email it to yourself or help save it in a Drafts folder.

but, u must note that if your PDF file is bigger than twenty MB, that may possibly lead to you can’t send the PDF file profitable through electronic mail.

If this is the scenario, u can consider to break up the source PDF file to numerous divided little components with Extremely PDF Equipment (this is a strong PDF tool making use of for handle ur PDF file.), listed here u can understand far more details about how to split PDF file to more compact areas:

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