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Q&A: what should i charge for my iPhone 4G?

Published on March 18, 2013 by in Iphone 4g Case

Concern by tbird2117: what must i charge for my Iphone 4G?
I am searching to market my Iphone 4G and at the exact same time for a person to take over my existing agreement with AT&T.
what is a sensible inquiring price tag for the physical mobile phone if it is in excellent problem and I also have a circumstance for it?
Many thanks!

Ideal response:

Response by evilattorney
That can not happen. The ONLY way you get off that deal lawfully is for AT&T to agree to a transfer of legal responsibility to your customer. AT&T hardly ever does this and your purchaser would have to have a stellar credit score score.

If you try out some sort of 50 %-a$ $ ed transfer of the contract, YOU stay legally liable for all costs on that mobile phone. Don’t do it. Promote the telephone and use the proceeds to spend your early termination payment.

BTW, you Do not have an Apple iphone 4g. No such mobile phone exists. You can get Apple iphone four charges in excess of on eBay.

Be glad you happen to be not obtaining a bill for legal guidance.

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