Home Iphone Accessories Review Is the blackberry phone good? And what are some other good phones?

Is the blackberry phone good? And what are some other good phones?

Issue by ♡Spanks♡And♡Kisses♡: Is the blackberry telephone great? And what are some other good telephones?
Not into texting despite the fact that I might do it after a while, and I am not into the added phone accessories/apps.

Do not advocate a sidekick, whatever you do, just do not point out it…

Many thanks in advance.
Lol, I didn’t give thumbs down but I actually do not like iphones.

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Response by Bob Saget

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  1. MJ

    Just say no! to the crackberry…its ruined my friends….i have a samsung caliber…love it

  2. Khi H

    I went through many blackberry and i think that they are wonderful phones. I currently have a Blackberry Bold 9000 and out of all the Blackberries i had i think it’s the best one ive encountered. I do a lot of texting and BBM (Blackberry Messenger) so i dont think you would need all the messaging features of the Blackberry. If you dont send a lot of messages i would recommend you to the new iPhone 4. Texting is not so great but other than that it is also a well built phone. There is the new retina display which gives you the picture quality like no other phones have and many functions for imaging and gaming. There are many apps you could explore if you like as well. Hope that helped :)

  3. T Man

    Unless you are already familiar and comfortable with Blackberrys, you travel internationally, and/or you work for a company that has a Blackberry Enterprise Server then I would recommend you check out the Droids. Droids are much easier to use and they can do so much more. What cellular provider do you have?

    Which droid to choose…
    I really like the Samsung Fascinate because it has the most amazing screen that I have ever seen, the brightest boldest colors ever. I want to get the Motorola Droid X just because it has a HDMI TV out.


    I have a Blackberry & really like it.
    There are many different models available…

  5. Jim Carter

    IPhone: Design, Applications

    Blackberry: Email, Internet, Keyboard, Camera Quality, Battery life, Phone call quality, Usability (Short Keys)


    I would personally recommend you with BlackBerry Torch. Good design, great features. You will surely love it. I am providing you with an actual user review plus I am giving you the link from you can buy it on a good price.

    Torch is +160g
    Torch has a talk time of 5:30 hrs

    Torch is new in the market
    Torch is a touch screen phone
    Torch has a storage capacity of 4GB nd Upto 32GB
    Torch has a great camera (5megapixel)

    Here is an article by a user:

    BlackBerry Torch 9800 AT&T (Under $ 90)

    BlackBerry Torch 9800 Unlocked (Under $ 700)

  6. Jays

    BlackBerry Curve 8520 Phone, Fuschia (T-Mobile)
    Blackberry Curve 8520 with my corporate discount and walked away with a nice phone at a very reasonable price. I have to say that I really enjoy the web browser on the new BB. You can zoom in & out with ease. I thought no browser could compare to the iPod Safari besides the Android G1, but after getting this device – I can safely say that this browser is also one of the best.
    I would like to say you can check out at ebay there are goodproduct available.