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How do I make my iPhone apps show up on 1 page?

Published on February 28, 2013 by in Iphone Apps

Query by tash: How do I make my iPhone apps display up on 1 page?
My Iphone apps are spread out in excess of 7 pages, and the internet pages are all one/two entire of apps only! How do I make them fill up the complete of each and every website page?

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Solution by Anders Thyme
There is two techniques of undertaking this.
1. is on the Apple iphone itself. You will push and hold one of the applications for a few of second until they all begin shake (and the minor crosses at the corners look) – then you can drag the purposes about as you want to (dragging them to the sides of the Iphone-monitor to adjust web page).
2. is via iTunes. iTunes has (considering that a single of the later updates) experienced an capability from in which you can handle this. You can drag them close to (obtaining an graphic of the diverse web pages on the Apple iphone and so on). So if you have not up-to-date your iTunes for a although, try do that :-)

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