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How do you girls carry iPhone at work?

Published on March 3, 2013 by in Iphone Bag
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by mrbill

Concern by ctrace: How do you girls carry Iphone at operate?
I just acquired a new Iphone and was pondering how I would carry it with me through the day at function with no scratching it. I really do not come to feel comfy having it in my pocket. Also what occurs when you dress in outfits with out a pocket this sort of as a skirt?

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Response by ~o0o~
you can bring it to work but it does not suggest you can use it to scan or send textual content or what ever throughout the functioning time. place it in you purse or bag. but this all depends on the perform internet site also.

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  1. Ellen R

    i don’t have an iphone but a phone with a shiny screen. i also worry about having it in my pocket in case it breaks but i found a small metal box (used to contain eyeshadow!) that i put it in when i go out. Good idea to still put it in a bag though!