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Q&A: How do I rescue my iPhone from the toilet?

Published on March 5, 2013 by in Iphone Bag

Query by Timmy: How do I rescue my Iphone from the toilet?
I just lately created the mistake of dropping my cellphone in the bathroom. I have heard in the earlier that if you put your mobile phone in a bag of rice, the rice will take up the dampness out of the phone… Now I have a vacuum sealer for canning meals in luggage, would it be useful or a hinderance to use that to vacuum seal a bag full of rice with my cellphone in it?

Best solution:

Solution by DavidJohn
I would avoid the vacuum seal, that is gonna trap the humidity in the bag. You could try throwing the mobile phone in an open bag of rice, no hurt in making an attempt. I suspect your mobile phone is toast.

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  1. Rj

    Don’t vacuum seal. Put enough rice in to cover the entire phone. Make sure the phone is off. Hopefully it was off when it took a swim in the turd pool but that’s probably unlikely. You will have to be patient and not try and use the phone for a few days. Have to make sure all moisture is out before turning phone on. Change rice if needed.