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Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 – Right Ear

Bose Bluetooth Headset Collection 2 – Right Ear

Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 - Right Ear

  • Unique Bose technologies permit you listen to phone calls much better, even as sound stages alter
  • Sounds-rejecting microphone allows callers to hear more of your voice-in windy and noisy environments too
  • A2DP Bluetooth profile allows cell media content, like tunes or podcasts, from your smartphone
  • Basic, convenient controls make it easy to answer calls
  • Aspect-certain design for the suit you prefer

List Price tag: $ 149.95

Price tag:

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  1. Joshua Brooks
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    UPDATE Bose Bluetooth Series 2 vs. Plantronics Voyager PRO HD vs. Motorola ELITE Silver vs. Motorola FLIP, March 2, 2012
    Joshua Brooks

    This review is from: Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 – Right Ear (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Bose Bluetooth Series 2 vs. Plantronics Voyager PRO HD vs. Motorola ELITE Silver vs. Motorola FLIP

    Update: I ended up keeping the Bose, however, after about 2-3 months of use (I switch the headset on and off a lot), the switch broke. Bose was awesome in handling the return, however, I wish they would have created a stronger switch. Not everyone wants to leave a bluetooth on all day.

    1. FLIP: $60-$75
    2. Elite Silver: $80-$100
    3. Plantronics HD: $75-$100
    4. Bose: Hard to find for less than $130-$150 (check fleabay or your cell provider)
    Conclusion: Elite Silver has been dropping in price rapidly. Bose is hard to find discounted.

    Ease of use:
    1. FLIP: Open it up, it’s on, close the flap, it’s off. Great for saving battery power.
    2. Elite Silver: Turn the ear piece, it’s on, turn back, it’s off. A little tricky, as sometimes not sure which direction to turn it.
    3. Bose: Switch to turn on and off. Answers quickly. Hard to put it on ear quickly. Buttons a little non-intuitive.
    4. Plantronics: Hold button down to turn on and off. Has 4 seconds ever felt so long?
    Conclusion: Why o why don’t more companies adopt the Motorola flip design. I love having a headset that I can sit down next to me, and then when someone calls, pick it up, put it on easily. AND save battery power. Who wants to charge a headset every day?

    1. Flip: Super easy to turn on and off. Best design ever.
    2. Elite Silver comes with cool storage case that doubles as a recharger for up to 3 charges. Tells you battery life left over when you put on.
    3. Bose: Easy on and off switch (why don’t more companies go back to switches)?
    4. Plantronics automatically answers the phone when you put it on your ear. However, it doesn’t turn it on and off when you do this, so no battery savings. Also tells you how much battery left when you put on.
    Conclusion: Love the storage case on the Elite Silver that doubles as a charging station. Love the switch on the BOSE for on/off. But nothing beats the Motorola flip boom mikes for ease/battery savings.

    1. Elite Silver: Is lightweight, fit comfortably on ear. Once you figure it out, goes on quick and secure.
    2. Plantronics: I like the heaviness of this item and love the boom mike (surprisingly, the boom mike didn’t help sound quality).
    3. Bose: Has unique inside earpiece that seems like it won’t work, but does. It is very loud/sharp, and for some reason I got ear fatigue when talking for more than 30min+.
    4. Elite Flip: I’m not a big fan of the small string earpieces. It felt lightweight and fragile and non-secure.
    Conclusion: I like the secure feel of the Plantronics. It’s heavy, locks in on the ear, quick to put on and off, but the boom mike adds little to the sound quality.

    Battery Life:
    1.) Elite Silver: Easily recharged up to three times, if you use it’s portable case.
    2.) Plantronics: I got a good day’s use out of it.
    3.) Bose: This one seemed to die faster than the others. I don’t think it is rated as high, but make sure to turn it off, or else it will be dead the next day.
    4.) Elite Flip: Did not test thoroughly enough to comment on this.

    Sound Quality: This is a tough category as always. I use mine in the car (road noise) and have a larger head (harder for mike to pick up sounds around my cheeks). Your experience may differ depending on your signal, location, face shape, and usage.
    1. Bose: By far the most clear. Loud volume. People could hear me. I could hear them.
    2. Plantronics: People could make out my voice (when driving) if I spoke very slowly and carefully. Boom mike did not seem to help.
    3. ELITE Silver: I loved the sound of this, but people could not hear me when I spoke. My cheeks too big? The mike too far from my mouth?
    4. Elite Flip: Didn’t test this one as much, but people struggled to hear me.

    Conclusion (ALL). I wish the Elite Silver had better sound quality when driving, because I liked most of the features. If I could design a perfect headset, it would have the flip boom mike of the FLIP. Have the comfort and charging features of the ELITE SLIVER. Have the sound quality of the BOSE. And the strength/durability/easy on and off your ear of the plantronics.

    People criticize Bose for being nothing more than an advertising company, but why do they have the best two items: Noise Cancelation Headphones and Bluetooth heasdsets…Come on Motorola, you’re almost there! I LOVE your flip boom mike on/off.

    Final Assessment:
    Bose: Best sound quality. Great fit. Expensive. LOUD VOLUME. This is the first headset I have EVER had to turn down the volume on.
    Plantronics: Rugged design, nice boom mike. Not good enough vocal quality. Annoying to turn on and off, but easy to quickly…

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  2. Paris Tx Guy
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Wow. Finally a near perfect BT headset, October 13, 2011
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 – Right Ear (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I really never knew Bose was making these BT headsets until I began a search for the best one a few days ago. I currently own a Jawbone Icon, Blueant Q2 and a couple of high dollar Plantronics headsets. All are very good at something and not so great at others. IMHO the Bose Series 2 has gotten it right.

    First off fit is everything to me. I have a set of Bose headphones, with the same designed ear piece, and I love the fit so I was hoping this would be the same which it was. Just make sure you use the correct size, start with the headset turned down and just rotate it towards your mouth. The soft rubber piece slips right under the middle fold of your ear, holds it very secure and you will not know it is there.

    Second is sound quality. I am talking about outgoing and incoming, clarity and volume. The volume of this ear piece is special. I know that sounds flaky but I have had enough of these headsets to know that most do not have adequate volume if your hearing is not like it use to be. Absolutely great with this headset. Noise cancellation is also top notch. I have not tested it in a too many of different environments, but have done things like driving 70MPH with my window down while leaving a message on another phone. Also I will crank up the music while doing the same since other voices can sometimes cause issues. So far, I have not been disappointed. The messages I listen to are right up there at the top of all sets I have tried and probably surpass them. Incoming clarity is just as good. First off, they are Bose so listening to music from your phone (if you have a phone that allows this) is superb for a BT headset. I did have some slight static on calls when I first got it. I went ahead and removed the Bose from my iPhone 4 memory and rebooted the phone. Then did the setup again and I no longer have any issues at all.

    Third is battery life and options. I don’t really know about battery life yet so I cannot comment. Options is a personal thing so I will explain why I was looking for a BT headset that did not have built in voice commands. I have a new iPhone 4S arriving tomorrow and if you have followed this at all, you know about “Siri”. It is Apples new, and extremely advanced, voice recognition/personal assistant. Since I will be working with this a lot, I do not want the extra moves needed to get me to the phones voice commands. This set fits the bill perfectly.

    Oh yeah, one thing I really like (and I know others do this as well) is the ability to wear this while using my iPhones Garmin navigation. It will send upcoming turns to my BT headset so I don’t have to worry about hearing it from my phone’s speaker over any music. The Bose does not block out all sound so you can easily have a conversation with the person next to you while wearing it.

    Ok…long winded I know so I will wrap things up.

    This BT headset is expensive compared to others, but well worth it IMHO. Is it perfect? No. Is it the closest I found for fit, volume, clarity out and in etc? Absolutely. Will it be for you? No idea. LOL

    ** Side note. I am impatient so I ordered express shipping (actually ships from Bose when ordered through Amazon at the time of my purchase). It was listed as 1-3 days for this. Bose shipped it overnight priority which was great.

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  3. Amit Khanna
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Finally the near perfect Bluetooth, October 21, 2011
    Amit Khanna (Delhi, India) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 – Right Ear (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I have used all sorts of bluetooth headsets since I am not a fan of holding the phone up to the ear as I am multi tasking most of the time and I do use the phone a lot. I have tried the jabra series – extreme, stone, stone 2 etc. and plantronics and jawbone – prime, era etc. My favourite before I got the bose was the stone 2 – primarily because of the fit. The stone 2 worked well for me but the person on the other end used to complain about background noise and also that my voice is faint or there is an echo at times.

    Got the bose a few days back, fit, although a little uncomfortable due to the in ear design as compared to the stone 2′s hover above the ear design necessitates to remove the headset after prolong use cause the ear starts hurting after an hour or so. The voice quality at my end is just fabulous, can hear each and every note in the callers voice. I have done testing of the bluetooth in various settings and the caller is also able to hear me clearly in all conditions. So far so good. Micro USB charging is also great since it reduces the need to carry extra chargers. Battery life is good (much better than the stone 2′s 2 hours).

    What I miss about the stone 2 is the perfect fit and the fact that i could store it in it’s charging cradle and carry the round stone like device around easily. The bose on the other hand, like any other headset is a little odd to carry around in a pocket, not rounded or smooth.

    All in all a great handsfree. Technically perfect. Aesthetically decent. Fit is decent.

    End of the day the caller can hear me well and I can hear them well too.

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