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How to get apple to replace my iphone 3g?

Published on April 2, 2013 by in Iphone Covers 3g

Concern by Seth: How to get apple to replace my iphone 3g?
i have the 1 yr warrenty on my iphone 3g but the back is alll scratched up poorly
how can i crack my mobile phone so that the warrenty would make me ready to get it change for free? my ideal good friend cracked the display on his apple iphone and they mounted it for free of charge!!!! what can i do i need a substitution so i can promote it i need to have funds instances are tough now

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Reply by kokopelli2004
Run it over with your vehicle?

Depart it out in the rain?

Throw it against a wall?

“unintentionally” depart it in your pocket when you do the laundry.

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  1. Crysanna

    The warranty covers manufacturers defects, not people who can’t take care of their equipment.

    There’s no way you can “break” it so it falls under warranty. Any sort of abusive use is not covered. The fact that the back is all scratched up will not work in your favour at all (even if you do manage to crack the screen like your friend did) because they’ll see the marks and just assume you’ve been rough with the phone and haven’t been taking care of it properly.

    Believe me, Apple has seen it all and are quite good at telling the difference.

  2. raina_vissora

    The iPhone actually has quite a few sensors that trip if you intentionally try to break it… most notably, the water sensor, which if tripped completely voids your warranty. Apple’s not that stupid. If all that’s wrong with it is that the back is scratch, just polish the thing and sell it.