Home Iphone Covers 3g where can i buy the screen cover for the iphone 3g?

where can i buy the screen cover for the iphone 3g?

Published on April 7, 2013 by in Iphone Covers 3g

Query by Buttercup: where can i acquire the display go over for the iphone 3g?
Where can i buy an additional 3g apple iphone monitor protect that arrives with the telephone? I ordered the phone at at&t and the monitor protector came with it and i need yet another one particular. Its very clear and not a exactly a comfortable cover but genuinely good! What is it referred to as and where can i acquire or purchase it?

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Solution by Elf
Any cell mobile phone accessory retailer must have them but if not the AT&T retailer does and I even think Walmart carries them

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  1. Chris M

    Just walk into any att store and they have some there for the 3G. there will be 3 in a pack.

    It is 10.00.

    Also if you need a new case or anything like that if you get a speck case, I dont know about the other brand of cases, but they all come with 3 screen protectors

  2. Ak

    ebay there r like a dollar

  3. Liam

    You can ask at an AT&T or Apple retailer, or you can get essentially the same thing at Wal Mart.