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Q&A: How to watch netflix through tv on iphone?

Published on April 6, 2013 by in Iphone Dock

Question by Aleeza: How to look at netflix via television on apple iphone?
I acquired the radio shack gigaware iphone dock right now and was instructed i would be able to use it to view videos on netflix from my mobile phone by means of my tv set but it won’t!!!! It will permit me observe youtube movies but when employing the netflix application it will only enable me listen to the film but won’t enable me see it…any person know what the prob is?? I have adopted the recommendations but am having no luck.

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Reply by David E
Very last time I checked, you have to observe netflix on the real device. While you can get YouTube off the cellphone and on to the Tv, you can’t do that with numerous other applications.

I way too want to do that. Obtain movies to my iPod Contact and use my specific cable to observe them on the Hotel Television for case in point. A 32″ vast screen resort Tv would be dramatically preferable to the ipod display. So much, no go for a amount of aps.

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