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Q&A: What sense makes an Apple iPhone dock?

Published on April 1, 2013 by in Iphone Dock

Query by w8k17: What perception can make an Apple iPhone dock?
I mean: Where are the positive aspects in utilizing an Apple iPhone dock? It charges almost 30$ and except for retaining the Iphone upright I can’t se any benefits.

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Reply by la77amx1
Of course thats about it. keeping the iphone upright. its all about the visual appeal and doesnt have any other have an effect on. so i dont think its worth spending thirty bucks on something that doesnt make a variation in your iphone in which u can purchase a thirty dollar protecting situation to defend your apple iphone

oh yea check this out :

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  1. Gadzooks

    It’s an extremely overpriced slim and good looking charging dock.