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3M Projector Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S (PS4100)

3M Projector Sleeve for Apple iphone 4/4S (PS4100)

3M Projector Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S (PS4100)

  • Share images, video clips and slideshows
  • Ultra-smooth and moveable
  • Simple to use
  • 100 minutes of projection time
  • Costs your Apple iphone 4/4S

The nostalgia of a projector satisfies the magic of today’s technology! Now it is easy to share photos and films anyplace you go. Generate showier demonstrates. Appreciate happier apps. Wow loved ones and buddies. This has acquired to be the coolest gadget at any time. All you have to do is snap the extremely-smooth 3M Projector Sleeve onto your Iphone 4/4S and get it with you. It’s tremendous little and as skinny as your phone, so you can have it in a pocket, purse or backpack. And it has in excess of and hour and a 50 percent of projection time.

Record Price: $ 229.ninety nine


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2 Responses

  1. John W. Graham
    5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good for a limited type of usage, November 26, 2012
    John W. Graham (Orlando, FL United States) –

    This review is from: 3M Projector Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S (PS4100) (Office Product)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

    I got the 3M Projector Sleeve for my iPhone 4S. This thing is marketed as something you can slip into the back pocket of your skinny-jeans and reveal it at an opportune moment to become the envied owner of the coolest gadget ever, sharing viral videos, doing a slideshow of your photos and projecting a blockbuster movie in a darkened room. But wait, there’s more! It even charges your phone. Sarcasm aside, it does do all of those things.

    I first hesitated when reading the brightness level of “35 ANSI lumens.” Given that most business level conference room 4:3 projectors weigh in between 2500 and 4500 lumens, 35 sounded awfully low. Scaling and contrast ratios mean a lot when viewing content in the context of a home theatre. So how does the PS4100 compare? In a darkened bedroom, projecting against an unobstructed wall, it displays movies and pics pretty good. Not so good in a conference room full of stuffed shirts.

    For a business traveler or someone who jumps here and there to do presentations to small groups, this probably isn’t the device for you. In fact, the 3M Mobile Projector MP410 would be a better choice for road warriors. For playing back a video to a group of friends gathered in the living room, this is pretty cool and appropriate.

    I also tested this device on an iPod Touch and used it to play back a movie, National Treasure from a distance of 8 feet against a white wall. Playback was flawless. You do get about 60-90 minutes on a full charge depending on which projection mode is used. I use it with the charging cable plugged in. I expect that number to decline as the projector ages.

    The big dilemma I have in recommending this product is whether it provides any value beyond what you’d get with an iPad or a slim notebook. I really don’t find myself using it that much. However, I did use it after a Thanksgiving dinner to display some pics to gathered family. In that capacity, using it was successful. But I typically just use my iPod Touch and the Apple video cable with my HDTV to watch movies. Bottom line…yes, there is a cool gadget factor associated with this device. I’m not skinny enough to wear skinny jeans and even if I did I wouldn’t put an iPhone 4S with this thing connected to it in my back pocket. But for a casual gatherings and the ability to quickly throw content against a surface this does its job.

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  2. N. Krumpe
    7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Works with a lot of iOS apps, October 23, 2012
    N. Krumpe (Ohio) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: 3M Projector Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S (PS4100) (Office Product)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

    Before this 3M projector arrived, I had two main concerns:

    1) Would it be bright enough?
    2) Which iPhone apps are compatible?

    Here is what I found:
    1) The brightness is quite good. 3M’s own specs say this has a brightness of “up to ANSI 35 lumens” (from 3M’s own specs). Though this may sound rather low, I found that this projects photos, videos, and text very well when used as recommended. “as recommended” means a diagonal of 10 inches to 60 inches. Clearly, this is a “hobby” type of device. Don’t plan a professional business presentation with this projector. Keep your expectations reasonable. In a dimly lit room, with your iPhone projecting on a wall 10 feet away, images and text look good.

    2) I was afraid that this device would be limited to Apple’s own video and photo apps and nothing more. I was happy to find that it worked with quite a few of my go-to apps. But, there are some apps which did NOT work with this projector. So, here are some specifics you might care about (and note that what works may depend on which version of iOS you are running, as well as which version of each app you are running):

    * Netflix: works under both iOS 5.1 and iOS 6
    * Hulu Plus: works under both (however, I needed to update the app…an older version of Hulu Plus didn’t work)
    * YouTube: works under iOS 5.1, but NOT under iOS6 (probably due to the fact that Apple kicked YouTube out of its built-in apps, and the downloadable YouTube app does NOT project)
    * Apple’s official Photos and Videos apps: work under both (note that the photo app only works in “slideshow” mode, meaning you can’t swipe through your pictures…you’ll be at the mercy of the slideshow timer)
    * KeyNote: works under both

    3M’s spec sheet says that this device is for iOS 4 and iOS 5. However, I have had no trouble using this with iOS 6.

    There are other reasons to recommend this:
    * I like that the sleeve can be used as a charger for my iPhone. In other words, when I don’t need to use it as a projector, it can serve as a backup charger instead. Note that it cannot be used as both a projector and a charger simultaneously. It’s one or the other.
    * There is a button that allows me to switch among projection modes: a mode for brighter video, a mode for sharper contrast when viewing text, and a mode for preserving battery life by dimming the screen. 3M says this will last for 100 minutes of projecting before needing to be charged. Though I haven’t tested it, I would assume this means “100 minutes when using the mode that preserves the battery”.
    * The sleeve holds the phone securely: Once the phone is slid into the sleeve, there is an edge around the sleeve that securely holds the phone in place. It takes a fair amount of effort to remove the phone. In other words, once the phone is in the sleeve, you don’t have to worry about it sliding out or falling out, regardless of how you hold it. Keep in mind that this is NOT meant to be a protective sleeve. I would only leave it in the sleeve when you want to use it as a charger or a projector.

    All in all, this is a decent projector for the price. It works with the apps I care about (though not YouTube, but for me that’s not a deal breaker). Interested in showing a video or photos to a small group of people? This might be just what you’re looking for.

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