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What are some cool skins for the Samsung Blackjack?

Published on March 12, 2013 by in Iphone Skins

Concern by Cody: What are some cool skins for the Samsung Blackjack?
I have a Samsung Blackjack, and the standard default Windows and other skins are dull now. Can any of you support me to uncover genuinely awesome skins. It has Windows Cellular, but the monitor is like landscape and not portrait. I would enjoy if I could get the Apple iphone skin, but iPhones are in portrait, so I don’t know if it will function.

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Solution by avena a
I almost failed to compose this 1. But then I changed my thoughts since it transpired to me that there is a good deal of people who are in the same boat. Enable me be quite obvious right here that this entry is created from the viewpoint of a business electrical power user, someone who stretches factors to their usable restrictions, and then some.

As several audience listed here currently know, I am a Blackberry guy. Have been for several years. From time to time, I go via the demo phases with other gadgets, type of a adjust-up method that – at minimum to date – has often ended up becoming a type of Blackberry Holiday stage for me.
The Blackjack looked intriguing. I had an chance to change out with no threat and to see what it really is all about. The Tv commercials had caught my eye, real truth be advised, and it looked like about as good of a Windows Cellular device as any, probably even far better. So, I believed, what the heck… And yesterday it arrived and we swapped out the SIM playing cards. I went about my business sans-Blackberry and with a sleek new mobile phone.I have to think that on the system side Microsoft is truly interested in going following the severe organization organization market, which is why I point out these details about the OS. And I will happily share my feelings and ordeals with anybody on the Cellular OS staff that needs to consider them. I’m picky, heh. And the war’s not in excess of however: These days no considerably less than 10 men and women observed the awesome sort issue of the Blackjack and instantly questioned me if that was a new Blackberry I had. “No,” I informed them, “it really is a Blackjack Windows Mobile telephone.” Hmmm! explained the seems on their faces. “Do you like it?” they requested with anticipation. “No,” I stated. “It truly is driving me nuts. It should be cool but so far it truly is just too considerably work to use it.” And which is the fact.

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  1. redmisten

    a skin or a theme
    for a skin all you have to do is download a picture to it
    go look at it then select set as wallpaper
    for a theme go look here for one
    they will work because you can set them to work in either mode on some phones
    and as far as the blackberry vs windows mobile
    it has a lot to do with what you get used to and what you use it for
    i like windows better because if i want to try a program it is easy to find and a lot of times it is free
    and it comes preloaded with a mediaplayer which most blackberrys do not have