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Should I get the Iphone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S III?

Question by Christian: Ought to I get the Iphone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S III?
Ive experienced droids in the earlier and at the moment have a apple iphone 4s. I have an up grade but not confident which to get. I want affordable supportive answers not just types stating which one.

Ideal answer:

Answer by Hunter Williams
The Apple iphone 5 is eighteen% thinner and 20% lighter than the Apple iphone 4S

It is significantly more rapidly than the Apple iphone 4S since it now has an A6 chip which means more rapidly downloading

The Apple iphone five will have 4G LTE connectivity. Never fret about the acronyms, all you require to know is that the telephone will be truly truly quickly. Despite the fact that Samsung has long since conquered the 4G LTE territory, at the very least Apple iphone lastly caught up.

Battery existence is longer.The battery lifestyle will contain eight hrs of 3G talk time and 3G searching, eight hours of LTE searching, 10 several hours of WiFi, 10 hrs movie playback, 40 hours music playback and 225 hours of standby.

Its new picture processing chip has spatial sound reduction, creating low light images better than ever. Graphic capture is also 40 p.c more rapidly. And it has Panorama.

Like the Iphone 4S, it has 1080p FullHD capture. This a single will also let you snap images although recording online video at the same time.

The new telephone will have a few speakers (on the front, back, and base), bettering the good quality of voice calls and can also terminate out exterior sound. The speakers will also create a richer audio.

Viewing as how thin these phones are receiving, it truly is about time Apple iphone reduced the dimensions of their cumbersome charging connector. The coolest point about the new connector, believe it or not, is that it is reversible. What?! Do you mean that I will never ever again have the problem of trying to plug my Iphone in upside down continuously? Of course! (I am not joking)

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  1. Diana B

    If you wanted answers, why didn’t you find them yourself? This question has been asked and answered a couple of hundred times already.;_ylt=An4l8UMJvyJdVFtMQ6z93tM05XNG;_ylv=3?p=%22iphone+5%22+galaxy&submit-go=Search+Y%21+Answers

  2. wheatly

    Galaxy s3 hands down.

    Galaxy s3 features
    Quad core processor.
    Several days of battery life.
    Better camera with more features such as burst mode.
    Will soon get Android 4.1 jellybean.
    Turn by turn voice navigation (said to be superior to apple maps)
    Better Customization
    Built in FM radio
    Play videos and text at the same time.
    Micro SD card. Double your storage size.
    NFC. Use your phone as a credit card and more
    Multiple buttons.
    4.8 inch super AMOLED plus display.
    Open source market. You can download torrents and emulators.
    More durable. Uses polycarbonate instead if glass.

    also with the iphone you get that new port connection that renders all your accessories useless. ($ 25 adapter doesnt work with all of them)

    The iPhone has none of these features and is only popular because of the brand… its way too common these days anyways.