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Q&A: What do i need to look at for buying a digital camera?

Published on March 7, 2013 by in Uncategorized

Question by ☆Mcakes☆: What do i want to look at for purchasing a digital camera?
What do i require to appear at for purchasing a electronic camera?
I want a canon so how many megapixels is good?
Also how big the lens is?
I no nothing about this so you should tell me how great/massive everything ought to be.
Many thanks soo much!

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Response by Śhåbš ¥£€•~*^¡¿
The much more megapixels, the much better high quality of the picture. So if you want truly nice photographs, more megapixels is greatest.

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  1. bradman336

    Well usually u look at the shutter speed (i think around 8″ to 1/2000 should be good), zoom (10x plus is great), the brand(nikon and canon are best), megapixels (above 8 is great), ISO should be atleast up to 1600.
    As for the lens sizes e.t.c. Look if you are starting out do not go towards such things, the lens size depends on the amount of zooming. Telephotic lenses are bigger. Just forget it.

  2. Richard W

    Make sure you are familiar with the manufacturer. A name brand is likely to have a good warranty, while an off brand may not have any real warranty at all.