Home Unique Iphone Accessories If I where to get my first tablet pc which would you recomend?

If I where to get my first tablet pc which would you recomend?

Question by Mild: If I exactly where to get my very first pill laptop which would you recomend?
Primary uses that I’m going to be utilizing a tablet for is gaming, net browsing, and YouTube. Which would you advise? Not to high-priced both.
I am largely going to be employing it in the car on lengthy trips and on the sofa mainly, so demands good battery lifestyle.

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  1. Deni

    This all depends on your preference. If you already have a smart phone I would definitely buy a tablet PC with the same OS. Let’s say you have an iPhone than it would make sense to buy an iPad 2. If you have an Android phone I would go with an Android tablet. Every Tablet PC tries to offer something unique. Check out the link to see what things you need to look for when buying a Tablet PC. iPad 2 has a good price and the Asus Transformer is a good Android tablet with a decent price and you can get some cook accessories with it.