Home Unique Iphone Accessories Q&A: is blackberry good phone dont compear it to iphone or anything else is it a good phone?

Q&A: is blackberry good phone dont compear it to iphone or anything else is it a good phone?

Question by : is blackberry excellent cellphone dont compear it to apple iphone or something else is it a great mobile phone?

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Response by Nicaboi
it is a great telephone in all round, another cellphone cellphone that is very good is the new blackberry tour and the samsung omnia

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  1. Grayson

    By now most of us have heard this story in one fashion or another: when Steve Jobs and Apple were in the planning stages of the iPhone, the first carrier they brought the device to was America’s largest network, Verizon. Even if you haven’t heard how the tale ends — Verizon refused and Jobs took his multi-billion dollar ball to AT&T — you surely know the outcome. The iPhone has soared to become the ultimate smartphone, the must-have accessory that everyone from celebrities to your mom wants — nay, needs — to have in their pocket. It’s changed the landscape of modern cellphones, put a serious dent in the sales of competing devices (just recently overtaking the venerable RAZR as the best-selling domestic handset), and unquestionably raised the bar when it comes to expectations for features in new handsets.

    It may seem unfair to open up the review of RIM’s latest BlackBerry — the Storm — with a history lesson on the iPhone, but if you understand the market which Verizon and RIM hope to capture, then you understand the Storm, and it helps put this critique in perspective. The Storm, a widescreen, touchscreen device boasts many of the same features as the iPhone, but adds innovations like a clickable display, and comes packed with RIM’s legendary email and messaging services. Mainlined into the biggest (and some say best) network in the States, the Storm is an almost deafening blast to the competition at first glance, but does it hold up on closer inspection? Read on to find out.

    Gallery: BlackBerry Storm in pictures

    Industrial design

    The Storm is a striking device. From the second you lay eyes on it, it’s clear that a lot of time and care went into crafting this phone. The majority of the front panel is display, a large 3.25-inch (480 x 360) touchscreen sitting just shy of flush with a silver bezel that runs around the sides, top, and bottom of the device. The bands seem to be plastic, not metal, and trace the outline of the moderately thick (0.55-inch) phone, looping around the back, while the rest of the surface is a high gloss, piano black plastic. Below the screen are four familiar BlackBerry keys (phone, menu, back, and end / power), along the left is a convenience key and a micro USB port (RIM has eschewed the more common mini USB slot for the lower profile of the newer variation, though that seems to be the way the industry is headed), and on the right side is another convenience key, volume rocker, and (yay!) 3.5mm headphone jack. Around back, the battery cover is made from solid piece of brushed aluminum, and the camera and flash sit atop the plate, covered by a glossy plastic strip. Along the top of the phone there’s a single LED to the right, and lock and mute keys incorporated into either side of the casing like soft rockers — a nice touch. Generally, the construction of the hardware and components used seem higher in quality than previous devices from the company, with buttons that click tightly and a heft that tries (and succeeds) to communicate an understated class.

    It’s not completely rainbows and unicorns, however. We noticed backlight leaking in through the sides of the screen, which partially killed the continuity of the design (and had us raise eyebrows at build quality), and the screen sort of slides around when it’s pressed down and held (more on that later). No deal breakers, but certainly a couple minor niggles we wish we hadn’t seen.


    The touchscreen is where most of the attention on this phone will be focused, and rightfully so. Unlike similarly stacked competitors (the iPhone and Instinct come to mind) the Storm doesn’t just boast a capacitive touch display, it also utilizes a completely unique “click” technology called SurePress which actually allows you to click the screen down like a mouse button. The purpose of this technology, ostensibly, is to provide two aspects to touch screens which are currently lacking in most devices: the ability to “hover” without selecting or moving an on-screen element, and the physical sensation of “clicking” when you type or navigate. The Storm’s screen certainly provides those two things in spades, but our question is whether or not they actually improve the experience of using this sort of device — and in our opinion, they do not.

    Before we plunge into why we feel the hardware doesn’t work here, we need to preface it with some information about the software. You can’t really talk about one without the other.

    What you first should know is that the operating system used on this phone is almost identical to previous BlackBerry OSs — notably 4.6, as seen on the Bold. The main reason for stating that is because you must understand the basis for the UI design. All modern BlackBerrys use a QWERTY or SureType keypad coupled with a trackball for navigation, in addition to heavy emphasis on a pop-up menu accessible by the “menu” key from pretty much every section of the OS. The di

  2. ThePizzaGuy

    it depends I don’t really like the Blackberry I like the iphone’s more, but if you get the Blackberry Storm thats a good one.

  3. Michael E

    Are you retarded?

  4. Jamie H

    I love my blackberry 8120 pearl! its a great phone that has the easiest texting out there…i think.