iphone 4 question…?

Issue by Jessica: iphone four issue…?
I am completely ready for a new telephone from Verizon Wi-fi. My agreement ended in December and I want to get the Apple iphone. Would I just have to pay for the telephone by itself thinking about it really is time for an up grade or is there anything else I need to pay for?

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Solution by G Suskin
There is an automatic $ thirty per month 2GB knowledge payment additional to all smartphones.

If your mobile phone is a Blackberry or Android, you may well already be having to pay the fee. If you have a flip mobile phone or texting phone, you may have to start spending for info.

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  1. evilattorney

    In the store, you just pay for the phone plus sales tax (unless you buy accessories). Verizon will bill the upgrade fee on your first bill and, of course, you’ll be paying for a smart phone data plan.

    Wait for the new iPhone. The 4 is already a year old.