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Is there a price for wifi and running apps on the iPod touch? (4th generation)?

Query by OnlyGirlOnTheLine: Is there a price for wifi and working applications on the iPod contact? (4th generation)?
I want to buy a 4th Era iPod touch, but i want to know if it costs cash to run facebook or safari or to run applications. (I know you have to spend for apps.) but Can someone just tell me all about the iPod? (: remember to and thank you.
Do you have to have AT&T or Verison to go on the web way too?

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Solution by Tj Singh
If you have a wireless router at property then you can hook up your ipod to that (like you would with a notebook). You can do that with no extra fees. Fb application is cost-free from the app shop. If you are wondering whether you have to pay out to use these applications or to surf the web like you do on a mobile phone, the solution is no. You just have to discover a wifi network which can be tricky when you are out. Some wifi very hot spots make you pay to use thier network.

Edit- At&T and Verizon are mobile networks, the Ipod touch cannot make calls so you cant genuinely have a contract with At&T or verizon. The ipod only has Wifi not 3G like the Apple iphone (which you have to pay for)

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  1. Ami_682_08

    Nope. If you are in an area where you are getting wifi then you can use safari or facebok and etc (as with a wireless laptop). Some apps are free, while others cost money. Basically the only thing you would be paying for is the initial cost, apps, music (if you’re buying it from itunes), and accessories. And no, you don’t need Verizon or other services that would be for the iphone.