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Q&A: Iphone, Blackberry Storm 2, or Palm Pre?

Question by Nicole L: Iphone, Blackberry Storm 2, or Palm Pre?
I am receiving a new mobile phone for Xmas. In your personalized view which mobile phone should i get? If i get the Blackberry and Palm Pre they will equally be on Verizon Wireless and of program the Apple iphone will be AT&T.

Any guidance will be beneficial! Many thanks.

Greatest solution:

Response by Keval
My guidance to you is easy.

Will not hear to absolutely everyone else’s opinions due to the fact they are biased.

Question yourself what do you want, and what do you require in a cell telephone?

Now you have picked 3 fantastic devices so i can’t resist. I am telling you as an Apple iphone person, that the Iphone is an incredible system.

It is extremely valuable in so many ways, and the 3G is so inexpensive now. Now is the ideal time to get an Apple iphone.

The even far better part, a refurbished Apple iphone on the AT&T internet site is only $ 49!!!

I acquired a refurbished a single about two months ago, and actually there is no difference amongst a new and refurbished product.

Here’s refurbished goods in a nutshell: when you return a mobile phone following the fourteen day trial period of time because you might be not happy, the wireless vendors ship it back to the factory exactly where it’s inspected, analyzed, and repackaged and bought as refurbished.

Here’s in which you benefit: even even though the Apple iphone might not appear in the authentic box, it arrives with all of the first components, files, and telephone, all in working condition. And if something is incorrect with the products shipped to you, Apple’s plan states that it Have to replace any faulty things.

Blackberry Storm’s are all buzz. I’ve utilized one particular before, and it truly is nothing special. It really is by significantly one particular of the very best blackberry’s, but even now no Iphone.

Now if you might be a information oriented woman, i suggest go with the Pre. Sprint’s 3G network significantly surpasses that of AT&T, and palm’s are wonderful units. The Palm Pre has a ton of fantastic attributes, and it has the physical keyboard, similar to that of the Palm Centro (it really is little and tight, but not way too tough to kind).

The decision is yours!!
hope this aided!

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