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Q&A: What is a better phone?Samsung Rogue,Env Touch,or Chocoloate touch?

Question by Killatiger: What is a far better telephone?Samsung Rogue,Env Touch,or Chocoloate contact?
I Believe these are all verizon telephones.I do not know hich one to get!I’m a lot more leaning in direction of the Chocolate,then the Env,lastly the Rogue.If there are any other much better phones,you can explain to me.AND NO IPHONES.They are like what four hundred 600$ ?No i can’t afford that.It would be very good if you can give the details about every mobile phone (apps,specs,battery daily life and so on..)


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Reply by Anne
Very first the Iphone does not price $ four hundred,600. I consider and I will do it if I have been you that the Env Touch is the 1. My grandfather has it and is the ideal mobile phone. The Samsung Rogue charges 139.99 pounds. The Env Contact is for 149.00 pounds. And the Chocolate touch is for 259.ninety nine. So Chocolate is out of the list due to the fact very first is to pricey and second it seems a tiny bit hideous. So I feel that Env Contact is the a single.

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  1. Hasit

    Lg Chocolate Touch VX-8575 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
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