Home Wholesale Iphone Accessories Any places that would sell a lot of iPhone 3G cases?

Any places that would sell a lot of iPhone 3G cases?

Question by Aaron: Any areas that would promote a lot of Iphone 3G cases?
It would seem that given that the Iphone 4G came out, hardly any places market hardcases for the 3G anymore (wtf apple?). They still acquired em, but you only discover like three to choose from no make a difference exactly where you go, and like a million distinct 4G situations appropriate following to them. Any person know of any spots that would market a lot? And no the Apple keep is not a single of them cuz I went there presently and they didnt have sh*t for them..

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Response by russianjewishandproudofit
idk if it truly is the very same exactly where you live but my regional shopping mall has a kiosk that sells Iphone instances. If not then the only other choice is to search on-line.

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  1. Frank Commisso

    Best place to buy them is on great deals for the stuff that youll pay 20 bucks in the mall for!!!!

  2. Zac J

    Shoppingkool is a good store. There are a lot of Apple accessories, iphone 3 cases included.